Pumpkin River & Corn Field


This attraction is free and open to the public for Unlimited Admittance, every day of the week


We start plowing, planting and cultivating the fields in late March and early April. The irrigation and cultivation continues through the months of May and June. Weeding and harvesting begins in July and continues through August. All of this makes our farm, corn field and Pumpkin River one of the most unique, satisfying, and special places to visit, not only on the coast but in the whole country. Our corn grows between 7 to 9 feet tall, and the thick cornstalks make it a challenging adventure for children and families alike to find their perfect pumpkin. For those that would like an easier time finding their pumpkin, we have our Pumpkin River that is about 30 feet in diameter and over a half of a mile long, snaking in and through the corn field, making our Pumpkin River the most picturesque corn field and pumpkin patch on the coast.

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